FEA Vibration Analysis on Luminaire


Perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis) frequency sweep and vibration stress analysis on the Luminaire assembly structure. The aim is to predict the resonance frequency, deformation, stress, and other key factors that the assembly might experience under dynamic conditions.


The vibration test is designed to determine whether the luminaire is able to withstand vibration conditions that may be encountered in normal installations.

The test criteria were developed with consideration to the effect of wind and traffic induced vibration.


In the frequency sweep analysis, the assembly is subjected to varying frequencies within a defined range. This process is crucial to determine the system’s natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes. Identification of these resonance frequencies is essential as these are the frequencies at which the system can vibrate excessively, potentially leading to failure.


The vibration stress analysis investigates the stress response of the Luminaire assembly due to vibrational loads. By using this type of analysis, we can determine stress concentrations and areas of maximum deformation, which are crucial in understanding the potential points of failure under vibrational conditions.


Predicting resonance frequencies, stress distribution, and deformation patterns can help us ensure the reliability and durability of the Luminaire assembly under its anticipated operating conditions. If potential issues are identified, these insights can be used to make necessary design modifications and optimize the assembly structure.


The application of FEA in frequency sweep and vibration stress analysis provides invaluable information, allowing for the development of more efficient, safe, and reliable products. By anticipating issues before physical prototyping or field testing, engineers can save both time and resources, thereby streamlining the design process.


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