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What does FEAmax do?

FEAmax provides full services from product concept/ideal, design, analysis, prototype test to final product manufacture and launch. Our engineering services included but not limited to the following:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Engineering Services
  • Computer Aided Drawing/Engineering (CAD/CAE) Drafting Services
  • Moldflow Analysis Services
  • Product Design and Test Services
  • Manufacturing and Global outsourcing Services from China

Why Choose FEAmax’s services?

  • Experience and Reliable:FEAmax is a rapid growing engineering service firm and we have handled a wide variety of projects. All of our engineers are drawn from industry and have more than 10 years’ product design and engineering analysis experience, most of us have PhD or Master’s degree of mechanical/structure engineering. FEAmax has tight cooperation relationship with National Laboratories, Universities, Manufacturers and other allied consulting firms from China, which enable us to address and solve clients’ questions and problems simply and quickly, no matter how tough. Our excellent engineering solution skill guaranteed the accurate and quick service.
  • Convenience:   Our engineers have professional experience on our service fields, we can quickly determinate and create model from your drawings and specifications or directly import your CAD models to save you time and money. We perform a wide variety of analysis types to solve a wide variety of problems.
  • Lowest cost:We recruited talented engineers from China with low overhead, and most of our work is done in China, that helps us save much material and overhead expense, which enable us offer you the best service under the lowest cost.

How to send your request to FEAmax?

  • Simply contact us using your conventional e-mail system and attach your design to it using any standard CAD file format. If the attachment is too big for the e-mail, you can upload it to our server by FTP or go through third-party online storage space.
  • When sending us your design, don’t forget to include as much information as possible. The hardest part for us is to define exactly what your specificrequirement. The more information that we have, the quicker we can get you a fully comprehensive quote.

What we need to give you an accurate quote.

To give you accurate and timely quote, please send us the following document on your specific project:
  • FEA/CFD simulation:

    3D CAD model (.igs or .stp format files), or 2d sketch with all dimension info.

    Detailed load condition, such as which surface will be fixed and how many pounds would be applied to which area

    What is your main concern from the analysis service.

  • Moldflow analysis:

    3D CAD model (.igs, .stp, solidworks or proe format files), or 2d sketch with all dimension info.

    Injection gate information including gate size, location, number, etc. Or we could choose those parameters for analysis

    What is your main concern from the analysis.

  • CAD drafting:

    2d sketch or hand drawings with all dimension info.

    or any kind of CAD files

    What is you specific requirement from our services.

  • Engineering Test, Manufacturing and Global sourcing from China:

    Email us your detailed requirement

    or your specific requirement of the sourcing quality/quantity.

How does the result service work?

  • Once we have started the work, we will create a discreet and private customer area for you. You will be able to view the result through the web, or send and receive information directly by email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

What the analysis report includes?

We deliver reports that not only give the numbers, but an intuitive feel for the results as well. You gain a deeper understanding of how your design performance. Analyses include clear concise reports documenting:
  • Analysis Summary, Results and method
  • Limits of Applicability
  • Conclusions
  • Suggestions to Improve Your Design
  • Color Contour Plots of Important Results
  • Tables Showing Model Inputs and Important Results

What is the FEAmax’s “Price Match Policy” and how does it work?

FEAmax’s Price Match Policy means we promise to match any genuine quote offered by our competitors. We believe that we offer you always the lowest price, but if you find lower price quote offered from suppliers in USA, simply tell us and we will match that price and possibly offer extra 10% off. Please be ready to tell us the name of the company where you obtained the lower quote.

What is the FEAmax’s “Referral Bonus Policy” and how does it work?

Our “Referral Bonus Program” offers anyone who refers a paying client the chance of receiving 5% of all projects cost and up to $5000. So please pass this information on to any potential clients who may be interested. Ask that they provide your name or email address when they contact us.


Have any questions? As an engineering consulting firm, we’re always eager to discuss your business needs, upcoming projects, innovative prospects, and ways in which we can assist you.

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