FEA Stress Analysis on Zipline Basket


Perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis) static structure stress analysis on the zipline basket assembly model. The purpose of this analysis is to understand the behavior of the assembly when it is loaded with 600 pounds of equipment, with the load mostly evenly distributed across the floor.


The stress analysis determines the stress distribution within the basket assembly under normal operation. By locating areas of high stress concentration, it identifies potential weak points in the assembly that could lead to structural failure.


The deformation analysis provides information on how much the assembly structure deforms under the applied load. By assessing the maximum deflection and identifying where this occurs, we can ascertain if the structural movement is within acceptable limits.


Evaluation of the safety factor gives a measure of the assembly’s failure risk under the given load conditions. A higher safety factor indicates a lower risk of failure, providing us with an assessment of the structure’s reliability.


By carrying out this FEA static structure stress analysis, we can identify and address potential weak points, thereby improving the safety and performance of the zipline basket assembly. This aids in enhancing the design, making it more robust and reliable under operational conditions.


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