FEA Modal & Seismic Stress Analysis

Piping Structure
Building Frame
Pedestal Model
Controller Assembly

Performed modal and vibration stress assessment on a pipe cage model affixed to a level surface, simulating a seismic event corresponding to a seismic zone 4 area. The objective was to determine regions of high stress concentration when the piping stood independently, without any connection to other CDU modules. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to predict the structural response under the load of the earthquake spectrum, identify weak points, and evaluate overall structural performance.


Performed FEA seismic stress analysis on two building frame structure of small indoor store. Predict the max stress, deflection, safety factor, etc. Evaluate the structure performance. The seismic load condition is based on the US standard and make sure that it is built to safely withstand the largest seismic loads found all over the US. Choose an Ss value of 2.345 (this value is based on address at San Bernardino, CA 92408).


Performed FEA vibration frequency sweep analysis, Endurance and shock analysis on the Pedestal Model. The model shall continue to be operational when subjected to a shock event of 25G with pulse duration of 30ms and vibration loads in all 3 axes with frequency response. The analysis shall determine the resonance frequency and the maximum stress under different load cases.


Performed FEA vibration, Endurance and shock analysis on the Controller Assembly. The assembly consists of a main housing, front cover, top cover, inner mounting plate, a bracket, and a few Circuit Boards.



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