FEA Drop Test on Phone Holder


Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) dynamic drop test analysis on a device holder. This involves simulating a drop from a height of 1.5 meters onto a concrete ground. The goal of this analysis is to predict the impact stress, deformation, and identify potential plastic deformation or failure areas in the device holder.


In this analysis, the FEA model of the device holder is subjected to the dynamics of a 1.5-meter free-fall, and the subsequent impact with a hard, rigid surface is simulated. The force of impact and the resulting reaction of the holder are computed to give a comprehensive understanding of the device holder’s response to such extreme conditions.


The impact stress analysis reveals the stress distribution within the holder upon impact. It helps in identifying areas with high stress concentrations, which might be susceptible to failure or damage.


The deformation analysis focuses on the extent and location of deformation in the device holder as a result of the drop. It provides valuable insights into areas prone to significant deformation and potential plastic deformation.


Understanding these aspects is crucial, as plastic deformation can permanently alter the structure of the device holder, impairing its function or rendering it unsafe for use. By identifying potential failure areas, design modifications can be made to improve the robustness and durability of the device holder, ensuring it can withstand similar impacts in the future. This FEA drop test analysis provides crucial insights that can lead to product design improvements and enhance overall product reliability.


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